Kafka tool,kafka monitoring, kafka management, Apache Kafka, kafka ui
kPow: A toolkit for Apache Kafka®.

Pinpoint production issues in seconds and empower your team to do Kafka better with the web-based management and monitoring console built by engineers for engineers.

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Kafka tool,kafka monitoring, kafka management, Apache Kafka, kafka ui
kJQ: Streaming JQ for Apache Kafka®

Unlock your topics with our standalone kJQ server supporting programmatic access to search and filter tens of thousands of messages a second with JQ-like queries for Kafka.

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Kafka tool,kafka monitoring, kafka management, Apache Kafka, kafka ui
kSynth: Events for Apache Kafka®

Kickstart data-driven delivery and improve production resilience with declarative, generated events and sophisticated synthetic state machines for Kafka.

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Powered by Apache Kafka®

Our Kafka tools are streaming compute applications delivered as a Docker container or JAR file. We read and write to Kafka with no further dependencies. We don't just make tools for Kafka - we make tools powered by Kafka.

Enterprise Experts

We are a company of engineers who started working with Kafka in 2012 and have decades of experience delivering Enterprise systems. Our tools come from a practical application of Kafka to real-world requirements and problems.

Open and Transparent

Get access to our engineering team via email and slack to raise issues, give feedback, or discuss new features. More than a toolset, we're a community navigating the exciting world of distributed, data-oriented delivery.

Tools not Platforms

We crunch every bit and push every packet to ensure you have the simplest, smartest tools possible for Kafka. We are proud that kPow is a single Docker container that runs with as little as 1GB of memory and 0.25CPU.

Clear, Simple Pricing

No user limits, one full feature set, and a simple annual pricing structure that allows you to focus on delivery rather than budget forecasting. We also offer volume discounts, custom quotes, and tailored support options.

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We Ship Features

Big releases, small releases, 58 releases in a year, we move fast with Clojure - the data oriented language at the heart of each of our products. There is truth in delivery and we are driven by feedback from our fantastic users.

Our tools are transforming the way Engineers

work with Apache Kafka®

A great tool!

kPow allows you to easily gain insights into Apache Kafka clusters and resources like Schema Registry and Kafka Connect.

Ben Slater Chief Product Officer, Instaclustr

It's awesome!

kPow is very intuitive and user-friendly. It saves us time and is pretty efficient.

All of our developers like using it.

Krishnakumar Arjunan Solution Architect, Pickles

Brilliant toolset and team

kPow is very performant, providing a multitude of insights. Plus their support, correspondence and feature request consideration is top notch.

Chris G Technical Lead

Must have for operations

The easiest way for us to get access to data and gather information for troubleshooting – especially when looking to monitor in real-time.

Euan Walker Chief Product Officer, Verrency

A gamechanger

kPow is our go to tool for Kafka. Searching topics with kJQ and monitoring clusters with live mode helps my team deliver every day.

Chad Harris Engineering Manager

Easy to use and fast

600,000 records filtered in a few seconds. Life saver. We got to the bottom of something in a few hours that could have dragged on for _days_

Alex Hilton FX Engineering Lead, Airwallex

Laptop View

Operatr.IO was founded in 2018 by CEO Derek Troy-West and COO Kylie Troy-West as an extension of their bespoke Distributed Systems and Clojure consultancy.


After the best part of a decade encountering the same issues across all the Kafka projects Troy-West was leading the need for a high-quality, stand-alone, accessible Apache Kafka tool was clear – and Operatr.IO (and kPow) was born.

As an engineering-led company, our vision and mission are simple. To produce the best tools for Apache Kafka and the best outcomes for our clients and customers.


We do this by creating a business environment powered by the principles of equality, community, fairness, sustainability, professional growth, and personal wellbeing.

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A Change in the Enterprise

Real-time, highly available, and scalable.

Customer demands are changing how the enterprise delivers software and Apache Kafka is the technology that allows these changing demands to be met.

Because Kafka is real-time, highly available, and scalable, it is a critical enabler for successful modern enterprise development. At Operatr.IO we make tools that empower the engineers who build these systems.


Follow the Data: Product Development in Clojure

Operatr.IO CEO, Derek Troy-West opened the 2019 Clojure Conj with his talk ‘Follow the Data: Product Development in Clojure’ it’s all about building kPow (then Operatr) using Kafka and Clojure.

Link to Youtube Video Product Development In Clojure