Release #59

Release #59 | 2020-10-19 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:59

Release #59 provides the ability to configure a SAML session duration in seconds with the new SAML_SESSION_S environment variable. Default is 3600s / 1hr.

Release Items
Configurable SAML session duration with SAML_SESSION_S

Release #58

Release #58 | 2020-10-15 | | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:58

Release #58 fixes a bug with Operatr + SAML SSO installed behind a reverse-proxy providing HTTPS termination. If you correctly configure both the ACS_URL and AUTH_LANDING_URI then Operatr will respect the http/https scheme throughout authentication.

Release Items
Respect Reverse Proxy Scheme w/ SAML

Release #57

Release #57 | 2020-10-12 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:57

Release #57 improves Operatr's integration with Kafka Connect.

Release Items
Improved Kafka Connect Resilience

Release #56

Release #56 | 2020-10-04 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:56

Release #56 features improved Data Inspect behaviour when filtering large numbers of messages from Apache Kafka.

Release Items
Improved Data Inspect JQ Filter Performance

Release #55

Release #55 | 2020-09-30 | | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:55

Release #55 contains configurability improvements for RBAC including the ability to restrict access entirely to only users with known roles.

Release Items
Improved RBAC Configuration Options

Release #54

Release #54 | 2020-09-29 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:54

Release #54 features improved telemetry of Kafka Connect tasks and support for Custom Serdes with JQ Filtering.

Release Items
Improved Kafka Connect Task Metrics
Custom Serdes Support for JQ Filters
Improved SAML + Reverse Proxy Support

Release #53

Release #53 | 2020-09-28 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:53

Release #53 features an improved websocket implementation for high volume clusters and multiple concurrent users.

Release Items
Improved Websocket Concurrency

Release #52

Release #52 | 2020-09-25 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:52

Release #52 provides inline deserialziation errors for Data Inspect and other minor UI improvements.

Release Items
Improved Error Reporting in Data Inspect

Release #51

Release #51 | 2020-09-23 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:51

Release #51 features a completely rebuilt Data Inspect facility with the ability to search for messages with JQ filters.

Release Items
Streaming Data Inspect with JQ

Release #50

Release #50 | 2020-09-09 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:50

Release #50 features new Data Masking Policies supporting configurable redaction of the results of Data Inspect, and integrates the Audit Log with your Slack enabling you to more easily monitor user actions on your Kafka resources.

See our support guides on Data Masking Policies and Slack Integration for more.

Release Items
Data Masking Policies
Audit Log Slack Integration

Release #49

Release #49 | 2020-08-31 | | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:49

Release #49 contains a minor bugfix related to JS Optimization in Data Inspection.

Release Items
Date picker JS Optimization bugfix

Release #48

Release #48 | 2020-08-27 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:48

Release #48 is the first of our features focused on time.

Operatr now supports Live Mode, allowing you to monitor Kafka in realtime.

For configuration instructions, see the Live Mode Guide in our support hub.

See the Release 48 Video Guide for a quick overview of all #48 features.

Release Items
Live Mode (Real Time Kafka Cluster monitoring)
Overall UI and Visualisation improvements
Improved Consumer Group Lag visualisations

Release #47

Release #47 | 2020-08-12 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:47

Release #47 focuses on security, with new user authentication and authorization capabilities and the ability to easily configure HTTPS out-of-the-box.

Operatr now supports SAML SSO including Azure AD and AWS SSO. All SSO providers (including Github and Okta) integrate with our new RBAC capabilities.

Role Based Access Control integrates with your SSO provider, leveraging roles that you have assigned to your users in the user authentication system of your choice and providing fine-grained control of user actions to a broker, topic, or group level.

For configuration instructions, see

Release Items
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
SAML SSO, including Azure AD and AWS SSO
HTTPS termination out-of-the-box
Bulk export Data Inspect results in JSON

Release #46

Release #46 | 2020-07-21 | | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:46

Release #46 is a maintenance release with improvements and bugfixes.

Release Items
Fix column width issues in Kafka Connect UI
Fixes issues with snapshotting with consumer expiration edge cases
Improve snapshotting latency, CPU, and memory performance

Release #45

Release #45 | 2020-07-16 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:45

Release #45 introduces the ability to manage and monitor Kafka Connectors.

View and edit connector configuration, create, pause, restart, and delete Connectors, and dive into task stacktraces when errors occur.

Operatr makes it easy to monitor Connector task state with metrics on running, paused, and failed tasks visible in the UI and available to Prometheus for egress.

See our Installation Guide for Kafka Connect configuration details.

Release Items
Kafka Connect Integration
Create, control, and manage Kafka Connectors
Monitor Kafka Connector task state and stacktraces
Gain insights into underlying consumer groups
Gain insights into connect topic production
Embedded Kafka Connect documentation and export options (Curl, JSON)

Release #44

Release #44 | 2020-07-16 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:44

Release #43 provides a range of feature additions and performance improvements.

Operatr now provides group state heatmaps and insights, with all metrics made available to Prometheus for egress.

Schema Registry improvements include the ability to change subject compatibility and create new subjects.

Finally, along with a number of UI improvements and performance gains, you can now delete topics.

Release Items
Group Explore: add group state heatmaps
Topic Explore: support topic deletion
Schema Registry: change subject compatibility
Schema Registry: create new subjects
Prometheus: include optional env label derived from ENVIRONMENT_NAME
UI: improved table rendering with infinite scroll
UI: cross-browser fixes to number formatting
Data Inspect: Copy-to-Clipboard and Search-by-Key bugfixes

Release #43

Release #43 | 2020-06-18 | | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:43

Release #43 reduces the UI weight when operatring multi-clusters and contains some minor UI improvements.

Release Items
Multi-cluster UI performance improvements

Release #42

Release #42 | 2020-06-18 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:42

Release #42 now allows you to manage multiple Kafka clusters from a single installation of Operatr.

Metrics and topic offsets are now made available via Prometheus endpoints.

Improved data inspection allows you to search by time and within set periods. Messages can now be reproduced, meaning you have the option to produce message from one topic to another.

Release Items
Multi-cluster support
Prometheus integration for metrics and offsets egress
Enhanced search by time, search continuation
Produce to new topic
Overview / Insights

Release #41

Release #41 | 2020-05-06 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:41

Release #41 introduces greater control over topics, brokers, and groups.

Edit topics, configure brokers, reset consumer group offsets and more.

See our Installation Guide for feature flag details.

Release Items
Create topics
Edit topic configuration
Edit broker configuration
Inline documentation for topic and broker configuration
Delete consumer groups and group offsets
Bulk delete Schema Registry subjejcts
Metrics UI/UX improvements

Release #40

Release #40 | 2020-04-22 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:40

OPERATR UI v2.0, leaner, faster, more polished.

User feature requests make up the rest of this release, from naming instances (env:ENVIRONMENT_NAME) to restricting and defaulting serdes.

If you have a feature request, get in touch - [email protected]

Release Items
New user interface. Fix up, look sharp!
Identify orphaned schema subjects
Support deletion of subjects
Set custom instance name, displayed in navigation menu
Set default serdes for data inspection
Restrict serdes available for data inspection

Release #39

Release #39 | 2020-04-10 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:39

OPERATR now supports Github SSO for user authorization, see our Installation Guide for details on configuring Github Enterprise or using standard Github accounts.

Also fixed in this release, an error when inspecting topics that contain 'null' keys.

Release Items
Support Github SSO for user authorization
Fix 'nil key' data inspection error

Release #38

Release #38 | 2020-04-09 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:38

Introducing a new Schema UI. Configure a Schema Registry to search, view, edit, validate, update and compare/diff AVRO schema.

Release Items
Provide new Schema Registry explorer UI
Schema subject version diff UI

Release #37

Release #37 | 2020-04-08 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:37

After producing data to a topic you are now presented with an option to search-by-key of the produced message, providing quick confirmation of production.

Release Items
Link 'Produce to Topic' output to 'Search by Key'

Release #36

Release #36 | 2020-03-31 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:36

Configurable reporting of client UI errors via

Release Items
Improve UI/UX concerns
Integrate for error reporting

Release #35

Release #35 | 2020-03-24 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:35

Release Items
Log OKTA token expiration

Release #34

Release #34 | 2020-03-23 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:34

Release Items
Support OKTA Authentication for Single Sign-On

Release #33

Release #33 | 2020-03-20 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:33

Release Items
Provide easy linking from tabular data

Release #32

Release #32 | 2020-03-19 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:32

Release Items
Fix member client/consumer truncation issue

Release #31

Release #31 | 2020-03-16 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:31

Release Items
Configurable custom SERDES

Release #30

Release #30 | 2020-03-11 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:30

Release Items
Data UI: Search-By-Key message inspection
Data UI: Support (optional) message production
Provide option to turn off splash screen
UI network failure detection
Fixed menu double-click + chart display error

Release #29

Release #29 | 2020-02-15 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:29

Release Items
Support provisioning of Professional and Team licenses

Release #28

Release #28 | 2020-02-05 | |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:28

Release Items
Fix memory issue related to [KAFKA-9504]

Release #27

Release #27 | 2020-02-04 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:27

Release Items
Support in-memory metrics (env/IN_MEMORY_METRICS=true)
Close all resources used in periodic telemetry snapshots

Release #26

Release #26 | 2020-02-03 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:26

Release Items
Support 30-Day trial licenses.

Release #25

Release #25 | 2020-02-03 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:25

Release Items
Limit off-heap memory consumption.

Release #24

Release #24 | 2020-01-31 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:24

Release Items
Reduced disk consumption through deprecating compute.snapshots changelog.
Resolved memory leak that could cause Operatr to cycle after several days.

Release #23

Release #23 | 2020-01-31 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:23

Release Items
Reduced compute memory consumption.

Release #22

Release #22 | 2020-01-28 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:22

Release Items
License provisioning and application.

Release #21

Release #21 | 2020-01-22 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:21

Release Items
Performance improvements through configurable snapshot parallelism.

Release #20

Release #20 | 2019-12-13 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:20

Release Items
UI Framework dependency bump.

Release #19

Release #19 | 2019-12-03 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:19

Release Items
Update base Dockerfile to Corretto 11.0.5

Release #18

Release #18 | 2019-11-27 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:18

Release Items
Include support for Long, Integer, Short, Float, and Double when inspecting topics.

Release #17

Release #17 | 2019-11-12 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:17

Release Items
Improved experience for Confluent Cloud users.

Release #16

Release #16 | 2019-11-11 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:16

Release Items
Data inspection supports copy-to-clipboard on results

Release #15

Release #15 | 2019-11-11 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:15

Release Items
Data inspection supports EDN format results

Release #14

Release #14 | 2019-11-09 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:14

Release Items
Snappier UI through reduced browser memory consumption.

Release #13

Release #13 | 2019-11-06 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:13

Release Items
Use ZSTD compression on Operatr topics where possible (30% disk reduction).
Leaderless topic identification.

Release #12

Release #12 | 2019-11-04 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:12

Release Items
Internal data-format modifications.

Release #11

Release #11 | 2019-11-04 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:11

Release Items
Visualise self-telemtry on Admin->About.

Release #10

Release #10 | 2019-11-04 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:10

Release Items
Improved startup experience on configuration errors.
ASCII flair in the console.

Release #9

Release #9 | 2019-11-01 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:9

Release Items
Configurable replication factor on internal topics.

Release #8

Release #8 | 2019-10-30 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:8

Release Items
Improved system logging and diagnostics.

Release #7

Release #7 | 2019-10-30 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:7

Release Items
System logging and diagnostics on startup.

Release #6

Release #6 | 2019-10-30 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:6

Release Items
Support all Kafka client connection options.

Release #5

Release #5 | 2019-10-30 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:5

Release Items
Support for unauthenticated clusters.

Release #4

Release #4 | 2019-10-28 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:4

Release Items
Integrate with Schema Registry for AVRO topic inspection.
Support single topic partition inspection.

Release #3

Release #3 | 2019-10-22 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:3

Release Items
Support Riemann integration for analytics egress.

Release #2

Release #2 | 2019-10-18 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:2

Release Items
Simplified environment variable configuration.

Release #1

Release #1 | 2019-10-16 |

> docker pull operatr/operatr:1

Release Items
MVP suitable for general consumption.