The simplest way to provision for customers of AWS, OPERATR is 100% compatible with Amazon MSK out of the box.

Subcribe to our Marketplace listing and use our CloudFormation templates to launch in ECS or EKS in minutes. Our preferred deployment is a Fargate task.

AWS Marketplace subscriptions are billed by the hour, they do not require you to purchase a license.

Get started.

Provision OPERATR in minutes as an ECS Task or EKS Pod for US 0.16/hr per instance:
  • View our Marketplace listing
  • Click 'Continue to Subscribe'.
  • View the terms and conditions then click 'Continue to Configuration'.
  • Choose the latest version then click 'Continue to Launch'.
  • Click 'View container image details' for instructions on obtaining your OPERATR docker image.

Get configured.

Once you have a marketplace subscription, you need to configure OPERATR to run with your Kafka Cluster.

OPERATR is a single docker container that connects to your Kafka cluster with exactly the same configuration as a Kafka Producer or Consumer.

OPERATR is configured via environment variables, for a description of each and common configuration patterns see our Installation Guide.

Get deployed.

We recommend deploying OPERATR to ECS as a FARGATE task with a minimum allocation of 2GB container memory.

We provide quick-start CloudFormation config to support our recommended deployment, describing:
AWS::ECS::TaskDefinitionto run your OPERATR AWS Marketplace container.
AWS::ECS::Service containing the Task, provisioned within a subnet you designate.
AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup with permissive egress to ECR/Kafka and UI ingress.
AWS::IAM::Role providing IAM actions to ECS, Logs, and Marketplace:RegisterUsage.

Get help!

If you need assistance configuring or deploying OPERATR, please contact [email protected].